Having an affair and lying to my boss at the same time

Posted By on Jul 30, 2016 |

Marriage can be as overwhelming as work sometimes, you get tired of the routine and the lack of spark. At first, everything is about novelty, impressing your partner or boss, spending extra hours to be able to hand in the most outstanding report for your boss and so forth. Nevertheless, after 10 years of marriage and ten years working in the same company, all the actions mentioned above vanish. You can easily apply for another job and get a divorce, but let’s be honest getting out from your comfort zone, no matter how bad it is, is never easy. Is spite of all your efforts to make the best of your job and work things out in your marriage, there is a time in which you just go with it and stop trying to change reality.

Long after I was trying to get a rise at work, my boss called me in for a meeting regarding the new franchise that was going to be inaugurated in one month. I couldn’t believe I was part of the staff in charge of this date, at last a bright light at the end of the tunnel came to my life. It wasn’t only a new job; it was also the possibility to get away from my marriage for a couple of weeks. What happened next may seem like a soap opera story but it was real and is still going on after one year.

Once I left to California to start with the inauguration arrangements I knew this trip was going to change my life forever, all the staff that went to help with the inauguration was great and we had a really good time together, in addition the night of the inauguration was a total success, our boss was very happy and the store was packed. That night, although I was still checking that everything was running perfectly I was also in the mood to have a good night.  All in all, I met someone that night that changed the course of my life, we have been having an affair since that time, he lives in California and my husband thinks I have to come twice a month to check on the new store and my boss gets a fake doctors note so I can miss work since no one needs to check the new store but my boss himself.

It’s true, I never thought that fake doctor notes for school would take me this far. I’m not saying that I am proud of what I am doing, I know it’s wrong. But the fact that fake doctor notes are really helpful from time to time is undeniable. I don’t recommend that you should use this tool like the way I had been, at some point I know that everything I am doing right now will be stopped and will haunt me forever. I just want to share my story. To find the best fake physician’s note visit us.

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